Freitag, 14. November 2014

Nieuwe CD VISIONS and DREAMS is klaar

hallo lieve lezer,

mijn nieuws voor jou:

Vol vreugde heb ik met mn duo JOGGERST VAN BAAREN een kersverse dubbel CD uitgebracht : 

we hebben er ca 2 jaar aan gewerkt, en nu is ie er.
Eén CD alleen met songs (Visions) en een met alleen improvisaties (Dreams). 
Mischien wil je even de video zien en een paar stukjes van de songs horen...?
Je kunt `m hier bij ons bestellen, op onze Site
Veel luister en kijkplezier en een fijne tijd gewenst van harte!
Sabine van Baaren

Dienstag, 28. August 2012

Voor het eerst in nederland met mn "Voice to Heart" Zielenzang.

Hallo lieve Lezers,

mn eerste avond is in het stadje ECHT, bij roermond. Ik ben blij dat ik na 30 jaar weer terug in NL op bezoek ben en met mn stem voor jullie mag zingen!

Interesse erbij te zijn? Graag, de infos vind je hier.
een fijne tijd en mischien zien we mekaar echt in Echt..))

Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012

even tussendoor een hartelijke dank aan de mensen voor de fijne en mooie reakties op mn interview bei earth matters.(zie in de vorige post) en een hele grote dank aan Wilmy van der Helm van Zingzorg die mij weer terug naar NL gebracht heeft!

hier kunt u een paar reakties lezen: 

Je maakt prachtige muziek, die een mens in zijn diepste ziel raakt.

heerlijk dankje ... jou stem roert aan mijn heart ... ik begrijp je ;-)

zeer ontroerend sabine, ik zou het graag eens meemaken.

Je maakt veel los met jouw levensverhaal. Prachtig!

Je bent een inspirerende persoonlijkheid, Wat een mooi artikel, zeer interessant.

Ik vind het boeiend zoals je schrijft, ik herken zaken en je bijzondere stem maakt "los" en een vorm van "heimwee"naar huis komt boven . Daarom...ik wil je vaker kunnen horen...

Danke für alles was Du machtst für Uns Allen mit deine Stimme zum begleiten nach die neue Zeit, welche schon da ist.     Thank you for all!

Via Earth Matters las ik over jouw bestaan en over de prachtige klanken en woorden die je stem voortbrengt. Zo zuiver, helder; raakt meteen hart en ziel.

zonnige groetjes
Sabine van Baaren

Dienstag, 3. Juli 2012

Hoi Hoi...

vandaag een bericht van m`n werk op een spannende en interessante site gekregen..

even lezen...?

Liefs en een fijne dag voor jullie


Montag, 18. Juni 2012

Hallo lieve lezers...

even luisteren hoe de zang kan klinken kunt u hier..


veel luisterplezier en lieve groeten!

Samstag, 16. Juni 2012

Hello dear is an interview about my work and how I came to do this that I love so much..I hope you enjoy reading.. greetings  Sabine van Baaren

Interview with Claudia Schlichte (2010)
Wonderful to meet you, Mrs. van Baaren. 
Would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself, where do you come from and what do you do?
I come from the Netherlands and I was born into a family full of music, my father was a music producer and so music was very much part of our every-day-life.
I grew up deeply involved with the magic of it and chose to follow this path for myself as well later on in life. 
I have been living in Germany for the last 25 years and am a singer, healer and medium. The spiritual aspects of life fascinated me so much that I decided to get involved with healing work and forms of meditation and have been combining all of these qualities in my work for a few years now.
How did you grow up?
We are a family of five children, I am the fourth-borne, so there was not a lot of space for me. 
Like many other children I was very hungry for attention, which was of course not always met in a form I would have desired. My dream was to become a dancer, like my mother, but my fear stopped me from following this path.
I had to get used to learning different languages and to be very flexible and open to new environments and new people, since I was raised in different countries, among others France and Belgium, as a child. This gave me the qualities of being very sensitive and open and willing to enter into different situations and open up to different cultures and people. These are aspects that are very helpful with my work.
As I became older, I came to realise that the challenges of the past (for example moving house and learning to live in different places) are in fact the treasures of the moment.
Actually through many individual stages of my life, I went inside and chose very spontaneously without knowing why and realising later on along the path that I had indeed been guided.
I remember when I was a succesful back-up-singer in Germany, touring, wealthy, well-situated… and yet, I had this deep inner knowledge of not doing what I was intended to do in this life and not following my true life´s purpose…. And even though I didn´t have the slightest clue about the nature of this true purpose, I decided to trust this "pull" and reduce my back-up work. So my solo-career began and I started training in a School for Healers. I had no idea at that moment that four years later I would be able to combine both qualities and express them in the work that is now mine and which I deeply love and call my home and my purpose for being here.
What makes you and your work so special?
Well, everybody is special and everybody has a unique gift to offer to this wonderful world. And my greatest gift is my voice.
I feel blessed with being able to transmit energies, information and life qualities through my voice. I channel the higher source/spirit and transfer individual messages for those who wish to hear them and who are looking for the truth of things. 
What makes it so special is that it´s always new and different and either sung or / and spoken in languages from a higher source that can touch us on several levels: physical, emotional, spiritual or on a soul level.
We are full of old experiences that are connected to fear and pain or unfulfilled wishes or in turn denial. Bit by bit we can peel off these layers in order to reveal our true nature. My work may bring divine support to this process and highlight what is covered by these layers or show us the story wanting to be told therefore healing can unfold.
In which form can this affect a person?
There are as many forms to feel and receive and perceive the energies as there are human beings. Some of us may see or receive visions, others may feel it in their bodies, warmth, vibrations, pulling, pressure, pain can be come more intense for a while or disappear. Emotions can be felt such as joy or sorrow and a very deep inner peace can come into being. Just to mention a few. In fact, I believe there is no limit.
Where does your inspiration come from?
Beside my spiritual guides, I feel deeply involved with the female qualities and energies of Mother Mary. Although I have no religious background whatsoever, I often feel her presence very deeply. I also feel a strong connection to Lemuria and part of me has a strong bond to shamanic source, just to name a few.
Do you work individually or with groups?
I also give partner/couple, mother/child, brother/sisters sessions, which is a quite interesting form of support as healing can arise from a deeper space within, from its true source and not from an intellectual background. It goes deep down to the root of things, like looking behind the curtain of what the symptoms are telling us.
My group work consists of regular events of VOICE TO HEART as well as several special workshops in which I can assist people to develop their own spiritual qualities by means of for example singing.
You recently recorded a new CD, REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE, how is the resonance so far? 
Ohhh, lovely! I am so grateful for the wonderful feedback, which I receive from all sides. People inform me that they are touched on the deepest of levels and that listening to the music and sounds sets things into motion, really moving things for them.
This process began with my 1st. CD, WHATEVER COMES and is now even intensified. I hear that some people listen to it every day and experience true transformation. In fact, I listen to it myself very often too.
Do you give concerts as well?
Yes, together with Mark Joggerst, my music partner - we created and recorded REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. We gave birth to the project AWAKE in 2005. Mark is an inspired film music composer and conductor. We have a very strong musical connection and are very happy that we met each other. We feel as if we talk the same language, he by means of his piano and me thorough my voice. Our concerts are a combination of songs and improvisations.
Thank you very much, it was wonderful to meet you in person and I can truly say that your presence radiates and it is great to experience your warmth and also sense of humour. Do you have any further message which you would like to convey to our readers?
I wish for you to be happy and to be at peace, to let your divine nature, your soul and your heart show you, how wonderful you are and to give you the trust and courage to do what you are born for, REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!
And I thank my guides and divine presence from the bottom of my heart and with all of my being for supporting me on all levels at all times in such a wonderful way and for each and every being whom I meet along the way.